Our team is always in search of  riders to expand our performance team.      If interested, please contact us to set up a date to try out!



Team Requirements:


1.       You must be 13 years of age or older.  If younger than 18 years, you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at our practices and events.


2.     You must supply your own horse.


3.    You must have your own horse trailer/transportation.  


4.     Horses only.  No ponies, mules or stallions.  Horses must be taller than 14 hands.  


5.    Horses can wear any bit or hackamore; no bosals.  Tie-downs and cavessons are acceptable. 


7.     To be on our competitive performance team, you need to be able to do the following on horseback:

          - All gaits:  Walk, Trot, Lope, Run

          - Stop and turn quickly

          - Can rate speed within gaits

          - Carry a flag

          - Horse must neck rein

          - Correct equitation

          - Correct leads and lead changes

          - Horses must be able to ride drill maneuvers  such as side-by-side, follow and lead, and ride head on towards other horses.  Horses must not kick, bite or act aggressively towards other horses on the team. 


7.   You must be available for weekly practices (Monday nights at 7:00PM) and monthly business meetings (last Tuesday of every month at 7:30PM) at The Tacoma Unit in Spanaway, WA.  You must also be available the weekends of performances, competitions and events. 




  Our competitions, rodeos, events, practices, fundraisers and meetings must be a priority for you.   As this is a team, attendance is needed by every member. 


  Since the Tacoma Unit #1 Horse Arena is our home arena and a private riding facility, you must become a member of the Tacoma


    Our team has sponsors but it is up to the members to be financially responsible for transportation costs to practices and events, uniform and tack costs, yearly membership dues, stall fees at events, etc.